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About JK Horticulture

Professional gardening and horticultural maintenance for independent living communities.

JK Horticulture on site at Adlington's The Bridges complex at Macclesfield

Horticultural specialists bringing your gardens to life

JK Horticulture specialise in supporting independent living communities across the North West, offering bespoke garden maintenance and landscaping services defined by horticultural expertise.

As professional horticulturists, our experienced team use their expertise to bring your beds to life, nurturing year-round diversity, colour, and interest. 

We love what we do, and for us, there’s nothing better than creating and maintaining gardens that homeowners can enjoy year-round.

And because we work exclusively with independent living communities, we understand your priorities and challenges. From liaising with busy estate managers to attending AGMs with homeowners, we consider ourselves part of your team and, when we’re on site, a part of your community.

Our values

Growing relationships

The relationships that we have with our clients are incredibly important to us. We grow these connections by building trust in those we support; whether that’s keeping the estate manager in the loop or stopping to chat with homeowners while we work on their gardens.

Horticultural expertise

As our name suggests, we are plant and horticulture specialists. We use our expertise to choose plants according to style, season, weather variables, and your site’s soil suitability. We plant and refresh beds with seasonal interest and design gardens for year-round appeal.

Bespoke service

We specialise in supporting independent living communities, providing a service that’s bespoke to your community’s needs. Whether we’re taking care of your gardens or redesigning an outdoor space, we take the time to understand exactly what you need.

Meet the team

JK Horticulture on site at Adlington's The Bridges complex at Macclesfield

James King, Managing Director

Managing Director

James has over 20 years’ experience in garden design and landscaping – but his true passion is horticulture. 

Having nurtured his green thumb from an early age, our MD now devotes his extensive knowledge and professional experience to leading us in supporting clients across the North West

James’ professional qualifications include:

JK Horticulture team on site at Adlington's The Bridges complex at Macclesfield

Josh Slater

Senior Gardener

For Josh, a career in gardening and horticulture was never in question. His grandparents were gardeners for 30 years, and as soon as he was able to, Josh followed in their footsteps. 

After college, Josh began working independently; he joined JK Horticulture in the summer of 2018 and soon stepped into a full-time role. 

Josh enjoys the variety of work he’s able to engage in as a horticulturist and gardener – from planning an evergreen bed to establishing a new treeline.

Professional qualifications include:

Gardener Paul Banks

Paul Banks


Paul has been working with James as a member of the JK Horticulture team for over 20 years.

With years of horticultural and landscaping experience, Paul is an invaluable member of the team and is a firm favourite with many of the homeowners whose gardens we maintain.

Trainee Gardener Oliver


Trainee Gardener
Oliver is a trainee gardener, James’ son who is studying and working with James on placement and in the school holidays. He enjoys working within the family business and learning along the way. They make a great team together.
Owner James King

The roots of JK Horticulture…

James credits his grandad for nurturing his green thumb. In childhood, James would spend his summers with his grandparents, dutifully assisting his grandad Fred in the garden.

A bricklayer by trade, Fred loved tending his garden. For James, summer days gardening in comfortable silence at his grandad’s side planted a seed – one which would eventually grow into a landscaping business rooted in horticultural appreciation and expertise.

And it’s not just James’ grandad who he has to thank for his horticultural instincts. One of James’ great-great-grandparents was a fruiterer: someone who grew and sold fruit. That’s quite a legacy to live up to – but it seems that JK Horticulture is more than up to the task!