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The Bridges, Macclesfield

This stunning riverside garden was carefully designed to complement the views of the canal and enhance homeowner’s enjoyment of their outdoor areas.

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The Bridges is a beautifully designed independent living community that sits on the banks of Macclesfield’s famous canal. 

Stretching out between the homes and the water is The Bridge’s sprawling gardens, which the JK Horticulture team reimagined to ensure the gardens do their fantastic location justice. Beginning with some basic landscaping and a few raised planters, we’ve redesigned the garden to elevate the space and make the most of the canal-side views.

Because gardens are long and linear (as they hug the canal), we’ve planted seasonal interest along the site that subtly repeats, helping to bring different areas of the garden into harmony. To ensure homeowners can enjoy the view properly, we’ve used fewer trees and thick vegetation, opting instead for ground beds thick with colour and chic wooden pergolas.

Year-round maintenance means we can keep the gardens looking lively and well-manicured, and we’ve been happy to receive high praise from homeowners. It’s been a privilege to nurture a garden in such a unique location and we look forward to tending to and improving the space for years to come.