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The Sailings, Southport

A small but perfectly formed shared garden that was brought magnificently to life over a five-year period.

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When the JK Horticulture team first stepped foot in the gardens of this charming seaside retirement community, there was plenty of room for improvement – but we saw plenty of potential.

While the garden had been installed to the letter according to the initial design, it was clear there were areas that could’ve used some on-the-ground ingenuity. As we began attending to the garden’s regular maintenance, we began to get an even clearer picture of what could be tweaked and changed to improve the space and the homeowners’ experiences of their garden. 

Working with the team at The Sailings and in concert with the homeowners, we began to redesign and refurbish the gardens and grounds over a five-year period. While working within a limited budget, we were able to create a lovely outdoor space and provide the garden with lots of year-round interest.

These days, the gardens around The Sailings look much improved; and we ensure they look wonderful whatever the season with regular maintenance. As part of the support we provide to the community of The Sailings, we’re always on the lookout for what could be improved – and we’ve always got our ears open for suggestions from homeowners.